Hackable door locks? Senators want to make smart gadgets more secure

Vulnerable devices can also be hijacked to create an army of zombie computers
August 07, 2017 | 03:22 pm / iStock
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Billions of internet-connected things like smart light bulbs are expected to pop up in our homes and businesses in the coming years. And a group of senators wants to help make them more secure.

The bipartisan group introduced a bill on Tuesday to address some concerns regarding the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). It would require any companies that provide the federal government with internet-enabled devices to meet basic security requirements.

 Devices must be able to receive software updates, have login credentials that can be changed by the user, and not have any known vulnerabilities. The bill, introduced by Democrats Mark Warner and Ron Wyden and Republicans Cory Gardner and Steve Daines, also requires devices to use standard technology protocols.

Government agencies could ask to use devices that don't meet these requirements, but only if other security measures are in place.

The proposed bill addresses the concern that devices connected to the internet -- like cameras, coffee makers, and door locks -- can be insecure gateways into home or business networks. Vulnerable devices can also be hijacked to create an army of zombie computers called a botnet.

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